What Is “Design/Build”?

What it is and why it may be perfect for you.

What is the Design/Build Process?

The Design/Build process keeps you, the homeowner, in control; every step of the way. The process starts by understanding your dream and turning it into a tangible design. The perfect design is determined, a contract is agreed upon, and the building commences. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT. The process fosters continuity and cohesion throughout the whole project; resulting in a design that provides value and peace of mind to you; without the hassle finding multiple contractors to do the same project.

The beauty of the Design/Build process is the simplicity and straightforward approach.

Five Reasons a “Design/Build” Company is Right for You

A Design/Build company puts you in control. With only one point-of-contact for all aspects of designing and building, you no longer have to arrange the logistics of multiple contractors and craftsman; leaving you with more time to do what you love.

Five benefits of a Design/Build company for your next home project:

  1. Custom designs that are consistent with your overall home aesthetics;
  2. Cost estimating at every step along the way;
  3. More accurate timeline estimating;
  4. You assume less risk; and
  5. Higher quality workmanship since all aspects of designing and building are performed one entity.

A Design/Build company should be your first choice if you want a simplified, cost-efficient, time-conscious, low-risk, and higher-quality option when planning your next home project.

Kitchen Countertop with Beautiful Sink and Custom Cabinetry

What Makes Bryhn Design/Build Right for You?

Custom Designs Tailored to You

Signing one contract and working with one company throughout the entire project gives you peace of mind that the job will get done right because everything is in one place and not spread between multiple entities.

Cost Estimates Provided for Each Step

The project budget is more accurately estimated and maintained throughout the whole process; which can save you money by reducing multiple steps and additional contractors.

Enhanced Time Management and Estimating

We provide project duration expectations in a reasonable and accurate manner. Since we do everything in a streamlined process, accurately estimating time is feasible.

Peace of Mind Throughout the Project

There is less risk assumed by you because project errors are reduced with one entity.

High Quality Craftsmanship

You will receive the highest quality craftsmanship and service. We pride ourselves on our premium quality results that leave our homeowners feeling highly satisfied with the end result. Our high expertise and close relationship with the homeowner helps to provide an end product that perfectly meets the homeowner’s needs and desires.

Unparalleled, Comprehensive Approach

A streamlined process, cost-effectiveness, time consciousness, less risk and higher quality are just some of the benefits to choosing a Design/Build company. Finding the right company to do all of those things can be a challenge, its important that you can work with someone personable and honest.

Roy Bryhn, owner of Bryhn Design/Build, has over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship to homeowners throughout New Jersey. From additions to remodels, Bryhn Design/Build keeps you in control throughout the entire process.

Find out if Bryhn Design/Build right for you.