Custom Kitchen Remodeling Design

Kitchen Remodeling in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

New Jersey Kitchen Remodeling and Design

A well-planned kitchen can make a huge difference in your life. Imagine a kitchen with ample counter-space, better-lit work surfaces, cabinets that actually serve their intended purpose, or a kitchen with more room to breathe and move around. These are all possible with a kitchen remodel!

Bryhn Design/Build has the expertise to give you the kitchen you want and need. With over twenty years of experience serving Hunterdon County and the surrounding area, we are confident that you will be thrilled with the kitchen remodeling possibilities. We will create a solution that fits your vision, needs & budget. ​Contact Roy to start your kitchen remodeling project today!

Complete Kitchen Remodel​

Sometimes a comprehensive kitchen remodel is needed. A complete remodel of your kitchen can drastically change the way you interact with your kitchen space. You have the freedom to create something completely different, something that will wow you and everyone else.

Bryhn Design/Build can take your current kitchen space and transform it into something truly unique. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination and budget. We will design a kitchen that suits your needs with functionality and beauty; according to your vision.

Before and After Kitchen with Blue Island and Turkish Tiles

Custom Kitchen Cabinets​

Bryhn Design/Build supplies high-quality custom cabinets at a great price. By listening to your needs, and working with your existing house and layout; we will create a new design that will keep your kitchen organized. A detailed layout and configuration plan is created using 3D design software to give you a preview of the finished product. We will meet to review the design(s) using our 3D design software which is the best and only way to know what the new space is going to look and feel like. We provide rough estimates as early as we can to assist you in making the best decision for you and your family. Our custom cabinetry not only looks great but also has the power to transform your kitchen experience and will perform and look great for years to come. Increasing the organization and storage of your kitchen enables you to focus on cooking and spending more time with your loved ones instead of looking for items.


Your kitchen’s countertop functionality makes or breaks your cooking experience. Bryhn Design/Build will help you select a countertop with functionality and beauty. Choose from many types of countertop materials including; many types of quartz, granite, marble, concrete, stainless steel or wood options.

The backsplash is an important aesthetic feature as well as a functional part of your kitchen. It protects the walls from spattering foods or spills. From a design standpoint; the backsplash is one of the most visual parts of your kitchen. A quality backsplash increases the value of your home and can last for many years to come.

Kitchen Island with Ample Drawers and Gas Kitchen Top Range

Kitchen Lighting Design​

Lighting design can transform your kitchen into an open, bright & welcoming environment. The basic aspects of a lighting plan for your kitchen remodeling project include;

Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting is the broadest form of light. It fills the room and is designed to set the mood for the room, depending on the brightness.​

Task Lighting:

Ask lighting is lighting which is directed at key work-spaces. This could be added light over the sink, oven, cutting surfaces or any other area that needs increased lighting in your kitchen.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting can give your kitchen an added refinement. Examples include under-cabinet, over-cabinet or in-cabinet lighting. In addition, “toe kick lighting” adds a unique lighting experience can create a truly unique look and feel in your Kitchen.

Kitchen Floor-plan Configurations​

Bryhn Design/Build will help you create a floor-plan for your kitchen that will meet your needs and desires. A good layout for your kitchen can mean the difference between a cramped kitchen to connect the kitchen to adjacent rooms which are perfect when entertaining.

Open Floor Plan Kitchens

An open kitchen has a feeling of freedom and transparency. These are perfect for entertaining as the concept provides you with more space and can transform a stuffy claustrophobic kitchen into something open and inviting.

Eat-In-Seating Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can reinvent the way you use and experience your kitchen. It can offer extra prep space as well as a wonderful place to enjoy a quick meal. Kitchen islands are perfect for entertaining as it is often where your guests will gather during hosted events.​

Before and After Photo of Kitvhen Remodel

What Are Your Kitchen Trouble Spots?

If it’s been decades since the last time your kitchen was remodeled; you may be dealing with some very dated styles and features that don’t help you today. Sometimes a kitchen needs a facelift to bring it out of the 80s and into the 21st century.

A dark, poorly-lit kitchen can become uncomfortable and depressing. With the absence of proper lighting, cooking in your kitchen becomes more of a chore and potentially dangerous-when cutting vegetables or meat.

Cabinet space is precious. A lack of proper cabinet space can lead to clutter and disorganization. Maybe your cabinets are not making the best use of the potential space available. A properly configured storage plan can make a world of difference when organizing your kitchen.

Is your kitchen just too small? Perhaps the issue is a kitchen that physically does not have enough space to function properly. Removing walls can make the kitchen feel more open, or perhaps an addition or both is the best solution.

Countertop space that is poorly planned or non-existent makes cooking a hassle. When cooking a meal, it is important to have the proper space to prepare everything. If you are lacking counter space, cooking will always be a hassle; perhaps this is the year to fix it!

A dysfunctional and inefficient kitchen floor-plan becomes tiresome very quickly. An inefficient kitchen floor plan can tire you out as you prepare a meal and is not conducive when entertaining. Perhaps your appliances or storage is distant or inaccessible from your workspace; this adds time and frustration to your cooking routine.

How Long Will My Kitchen Remodel Take?
The duration of the kitchen remodel depends on the extent of the project. Generally, kitchen remodels take two to three months from start to finish. If its an addition, then add about two months.
How Much Will a Kitchen Remodel Cost? It Depends.
The cost of the kitchen remodel will greatly depend on the extent of the project and all of the design choices. As there are many variables; it is impossible to give an estimate without knowing the specifics of your kitchen remodel project. We do our best to stay within your set budget.

If we are talking about cabinets alone, then most kitchens we do cost between $15k-$30k and countertops 5k-12k.

Can I Get a Temporary Kitchen Setup?
How will I deal with being displaced from my kitchen during the remodeling process?

​It’s no secret that a kitchen remodel can be disruptive to your home life as it may be out of commission during the remodel. We do offer to set up a temporary kitchen in an adjacent room. A simple place for a sink, microwave, countertop and sometimes dishwasher. We provide a convenient solution which will allow you to continue throughout your daily lives with ease.

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