3D Virtual Blueprint Walk-Through

Experience Your Remodel Project in a Three-Dimensional Visual Rendering.

Unparalleled Design Experience Puts You In Control

Second-guessing is a thing of the past, why wonder what your home will look like after finishing your home design remodel project? Our homeowners love experiencing their home projects on their computers and/or mobile device. With a visual home walk-through, you can accurately visualize and tweak your final design because it gives you an accurate expectation of the space. You’ll feel confident that the final product will be exactly what you were dreaming.

Immersive Alternative to 2D Blueprints

Conducting home upgrades can leave you in the dark because 2D blueprints can be difficult to understand; that is why Bryhn Design/Build offers this unique design experience for all of our clients. Transforming your home into an immersive digital model aids you in visualizing the space better than 2D blueprints and designs. Once your design is finished you will be given access to the design to be viewed on your computer or mobile phone via an app.

How are Home Walk-Through Models Created?

All visual home walk-through models are designed by Bryhn Design/Build. Taking measurements and designing a to-scale model of the space is the first step. After the preliminary work is done, unique design elements will be added and tweaked until the space is exactly how you want it to be.

Convenient Mobile Application for Viewing Virtual Walk-Through

Using the mobile phone app makes viewing your home project even more immersive and interactive. The mobile application provides multiple view modes ad navigation methods.

  • Glass House View
  • Gyro Aided Movement
  • Cross Section View
  • Thumb Controlled Navigation
  • Top-View Floorplan View
  • VR Capabilities

Experience Your Next Project with Our Unique Virtual Walk-Through Experience